About Us


Aromox began as a natural bridge between aromatherapy and  respiratory science through inhalation delivery devices.   Dan Normand, founder and CEO of Aromox, has worked in the medical device industry for over thirty years. Honing his craft in respiratory technology, Dan helped to make bulky breathing systems portable and practical, allowing patients to leave the hospital and get to be among their friends and families.

Recently Dan has ventured into the sport of Pickleball.  Pickleball, the fastest growing sports in America, involves high intensity and focused athletic performance to be at the highest levels.  Aromox's Paddle Cleanse, an all natural cleaning product allows Pickleball players of all abilities to add consistency and focus to their play.  Always looking to improve Aromox has released it newest paddle cleaning product - Paddle-Mojo to replace Paddle Cleanse.  Paddle-mojo has a more concentrated formula and gentle scrub brush allowing for the more grittier paddles recently introduced to the sport.  

 DAN NORMAND, President and CEO

Dan has been in the medical device industry for more than 30 years. Trained as a respiratory care practitioner, he quickly migrated to industry. There's virtually no area of the health-care space in which Dan has not been involved. 

Sourcing his knowledge and relationships within a global setting, Dan is able to craft the future of the flexible wellness system and its greater applications to benefit all. Over the course of his career with product launch experience in the medical arena, Dan embraces his innovation in a pragmatic manner. 

Dan's various positions in senior management has provided a vital sense of leadership in this growing organization. His vast experience in business, management, and the sciences has allowed Aromox to innovate and grow.

 PATRICIA AMBROZIACK, Certified Aromatherapist

Trained in Biology at the Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh achievement in M.A.T in Science, Tricia has participated in scientific research at University of Pittsburgh, the Gladstone Institute and Genteelness. 

She is a published author in scientific journals and other popular publications and magazines. Tricia identified the holistic and medicinal aromatherapy wellness modalities and excels as a Certified Aromatherapist, while also completing advanced training in holistic and aromatic medicine. 

Tricia has a private aromatherapy practice and shares with Aromox, her mission to share the life enhancing benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils for health, maladies, and overall wellness. 

Early on, Tricia cracked the glass ceiling within her work in Biology and Education while maintaining her true full-time position as a dedicated mother.