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With nature providing solutions to many of today's health challenges finding innovative and effective ways to deliver natural compounds is at the forefront of our research.


Aromox has many resources available to get businesses safely back to work.  Online Screening. Temp Scanning, Telehealth Solutions, AntiMicrobial Cloth Masks, Testing and written protocols.  Let us help you.                             

                                — Dan Normand, CEO


The World's Most Comfortable, Breathable, Reusable

Cloth Mask with AntiMicrobial Properties


"I have to say I don't like wearing masks, usually too tight,too restricting and extremely hot no matter where you are. But your mask is fantastic, does't feel like you're wearing a mask at all, which means I can go about my day as normal, which was hard to do up until now. Thank you Aromox Mask for giving me back some normality and at the same time keeping me safe" Damien Deehan, CEO, Verdex Technology.

I have to wear my mask all day and I have tried them all.  AiromaMask is the most breathable and comfortable mask I have worn.  What I especially like is how easy I can hand wash at the end of the day and it is completely dry by the time I come into work the next day”  Debra N, Speech Language Pathologist

"I heard about a mask that was developed by a respiratory therapist that could be purchased online.  Besides its unique protective material, it was extremely comfortable and wearable for long periods of time.  There is a tendency to want to take one's mask off when not among other people, but not with this mask.  Easy to fold up and put in your pocket.  I have several masks but none of this quality"

Whit McCoskrie, Banker



Hand Stitched


Anti Microbial