• Extend Paddle Life

    Paddle-Mojo is proven to extend the surface life of your paddle. Dirt and grime can coat and cause permanent damage to your paddle.

  • Hit More Precise Shots

    Miss hits, lack of spin, shot accuracy and other unfortunate events CAN be prevented by using Paddle-Mojo. Play your best with your paddle at its best!

  • Produce Higher Spin Rates

    Spin testing proved that regular cleaning of your paddle will reduce wear on your paddle face. Over a 30 day period we showed a 26% improvement in spin rate vs a dirty paddle under similar conditions.


What does Paddle-Mojo actually do?

Paddle-Mojo removes everthing from grease, grime, dirt, oil, most gels, adhesives and more common contaminants which get trapped in your paddle surface.

What is EDR?

Our newest innovation in paddle cleaning technology. EDR stands for Enhanced Debris Remover. As paddle surface technology continues to evolve so must cleaning techniques. The EDR is specially formulated to provide a higher degree of paddle suface scrubing WITHOUT damage.

How does this help my paddle?

If Paddle-Mojo is used regularly it will help keep grit and texture on your paddle face and reduce further degradation.

Is Paddle-Mojo worth the price?

Paddle-Mojo costs less than $.20 per cleaning! Small price for such a large impact on play and the longevity of a $150-$250 paddle.

Is it safe to use on my paddle surface?

Paddle-Mojo is safe on all paddle surfaces. Our formulation is all-natural and designed to NOT damage your paddle while still providing superior cleaning results.

Is it safe?

Paddle-Mojo is a non-toxic plant-based cleaner.

How long does it take to clean my paddle?

To clean both sides, it should only take 30 seconds to 1 minute.

I don't play Pickleball but can I purchase this for someone else?

Paddle-Mojo makes a fantastic gift for us Pickleballers. Purchase more than one and save on shipping.

What if I am not satisfied?

We know you WILL be satisified but in the extremely rare case that you aren't - we offer full refunds.

How do I purchase higher quantities if I am I am a dealer, retailer or club?

Please contact us for special quantity pricing and customization options at info@aromox.com or 1-888-315-8018

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