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Nature's Smell Canceling Technology

Transformative delivery systems and sophisticated plant synergies from around the world delivered to your door, each month, at a fraction of the cost.

“One of the biggest challenges for an aromatherapist is finding a way to deliver repeatable, predictable and measurable aromatherapy - AromaTRiP does just that in a personal way.” 

Allen Cristensen, Aromatherapist

"I travel more than the average person so I really appreciate being able to stay healthy, avoid unwanted smells and gain the therapeutic benefits of carefully crafted synergies - AromaTRiP has changed my life!"

Kristen Stark, Travel Executive

AromaTRiP Travel Spa

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Synergy Kit

Pure individualized plant aromatics from around the world, at a fraction of the cost, delivered right to your door every month.

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Sophisticated Synergies - Unique Combinations of Pure Plant Aromatics