Ultimate Player Performance Kit - Pickleball



We have put together the ultimate Pickleball specific player kit for and Optimal Mind, Body and Soul playing experience.

Magnetic Massage Roller

This ideal back and muscle massage roller has an added magnetic therapy effect. Use for just 3 minutes (30 seconds per major leg muscle group x 2) and see your flexibility increase noticeably.  Use after exercise to accelerate recovery.  This can extremely beneficial during tournaments and long recreational play. 

*CAUTION: If you use an electronic medical device such as a pacemaker, or have a magnetically sensitive surgical implant, do not use or wear magnetic products.

Ergonomic design: Engineered to match contours of the back for maximum effect

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Internal ball bearings: for easy and gentle roll out.
  • Massage nodules: provide a relaxing, stimulating massage sensation.
  • Magnetic technology: similar to the Earth’s natural environment for energy enhancement.
  • Non-slip grip handles: make performing a roll out easy and comfortable.

Paddle Cleanse - Player Performance Kit

The World's first and only Paddle Cleaner tested on all paddle surfaces.  It leaves no residue, uses all natural plant based compounds, smells great and will restore your paddle face to it's original clean condition (will not repair physical damage).  

It comes in a convenient mesh carry bag and is sized for travel.  Get up to 50 cleanings out of each bottle.  Replacement bottles are available.  Each kit comes with everything you need: microfiber towel, soft scrub pad for those stubborn spots and a 2.7oz spray bottle of Paddle Cleanse solution.

 Athletic Sniff Pouches

Each pouch contains a different mixture of natural aromas that are designed to help you stay focused and calm on the courts.  We make them ourselves and only use plant compounds from know and trusted suppliers.  100% natural energy and mood changing effects. 

FOCUS - peppermint/grapefruit 

CALM - lavender/bergamot

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