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Spoonk Magnetic Massage Roller Kit




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This ideal back and muscle massage roller has an added magnetic therapy effect. A gentle 15-minute spinal massage session will leave you feeling well rested, as if you had a good sleep or nap. Use before exercise and increase your flexibility in a shorter amount of time.  Use after exercise to accelerate recovery.  Stress can produce a pronounced effect on the back and shoulder blades. An aching back can influence other aspects of life and generate overall discomfort and fatigue.

*CAUTION: If you use an electronic medical device such as a pacemaker, or have a magnetically sensitive surgical implant, do not use or wear magnetic products.

Ergonomic design: Engineered to match contours of the back for maximum effect
• Internal ball bearings: for easy and gentle roll out.
• Massage nodules: provide a relaxing, stimulating massage sensation.
• Magnetic technology: similar to the Earth’s natural environment for energy enhancement.
• Non-slip grip handles: make performing a roll out easy and comfortable.


• Ideal for before and after workout.
• Easy self massage with extended handle.
• Magnetic therapy for added benefits.
• Helps ease tension, relieve stress.
• Can help ease muscular aches.
• Non-invasive, drug-free relief.
• Simulates a good night’s sleep.

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