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Athletic Sniff Pouch - 2 Pack



Our Sniff Pouches are designed as athletic boosters.  Lift your energy and improve your focus using either of our provided pouches. 

FOCUS (Peppermint & Grapefruit Oils) or CALM (Lavender & Bergamot Oils) provide that much needed effect when you're feeling tired or mentally drained.

Our formulations have been scientifically tested and proven to work. 

Safe, All Natural Plant Aromatics sourced from only the purest and trustworthy sources.  Our pouches are prepackaged and easy to use.  The proper ratios of oils have been applied in these convenient pouches.  


Here is some additional information on the science of our Athletic Sniff pouches:

Studies show the aroma of peppermint to be not just antioxidant, but antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal, analgesic (or pain relieving), and radioprotective, with antiedema (water retention relieving) properties. Other areas peppermint essence may be able to help clear up include:

Respiratory difficulties, as it works as both an expectorant and decongestant either applied directly to your chest or breathed in through an inhaler. Tests on subjects with tuberculosis revealed that when inhaled, their inflammation decreased, preventing it from either worsening or recurring.

Stimulated energy is one of the most sought-after effects of this essential oil, as revealed in the athlete studies, but it's effective for managing stress and mental fatigue and even for treating nervous disorders.

Anxiety, enhanced memory and alertness have all been found to be improved with peppermint essence or aromatherapy applications.

Calming and stress relieving grapefruit oil is a perfect compliment to peppermint.

Lavender can bring powerful benefits for both men and women. It can be mildly sedative, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, among other properties. Feeling anxious before a big match try using our CALM pouch to calm those butterflies and anxious feelings.  We all know how stress and nervousness can prevent us from performing to our highest athletic potential.

Bergamot is commonly used for pain, anxiety and nausea.  While these are more severe than what we might face before any athletic event combining Bergamot with Lavender is the perfect prematch calming scent.


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