AromaTRiP - Travel Spa System


This is a must have product for anyone who travels, commutes or just likes the thought of controlling the aroma of the air you breath - wherever you may be.  Think of it like that pair of headphones you travel with except with AromaTRiP your trip will be more pleasant and healthy.  Each AromaTRiP has 6 of our entry level synergies included.  

Add our AromaBlend of the Month Annual Subscription and you will receive 6 Aroma Cartridges per month for 12 months.  These cartridges will be selected based upon the results of your AromaProfile.  In addition as long as you have a subscription plan we will replace any components that become defective FREE of charge (just pay shipping).

When you add a subscription service to your purchase we provide a discounted price on your AromaTRiP and monthly shipments.  You will be billed your first shipment at the time of your purchase.  

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